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The following test channels are from public sharing on the Internet, just to test whether our EPG is accurate. (This site does not provide or store any streaming media content.All channels are automatically collected from the network through crawlers, without any manual participation, just for testing purposes. Therefore, we do not guarantee the stability and legality of the channels, nor do we assume corresponding legal responsibilities. All legal responsibilities It should be the responsibility of the user and the source provider.)

Name WxH Geo limited Checked Test Url Screenshot
abc朝日放送テレビ news 1280x720 Yes 20240505 URL 1 URL 2
ช่อง abc朝日放送テレビ news 1280x720 Yes 20240502 URL 1 URL 2
abc朝日放送 960x544 No 20240416 URL 1 URL 2