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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland TV Channel Listing

Below are the TV channels that can be watched in this area View the week's program guide for all channels

4Music 4Music 4seven 4seven 5 USA 5 USA 50426 54227 5ACTION 5ACTION 5SELECT 5SELECT 5STAR 5STAR 5STAR+1 5STAR+1 5USA+1 5USA+1 92 News 92 News A1TV AAJ TAK AAJ TAK Aastha Aastha Absolute Absolute 80s Absolute 90s Adult Channel Ahlebait TV Ahlebait TV Ahlulbayt TV Akaal Channel Akaal Channel Al Jazeera HD Al Jazeera HD alibi alibi HD alibi HD alibi+1 alibi+1 Animal Planet Animal Planet Animal Plnt+1 Animal Plnt+1 Arirang TV HD Arirang TV HD Arise News Arise News ARY Digital ARY Digital ATN ATN Ayozat TV Ayozat TV B4U Movies B4U Movies B4U Music B4U Music Babenation babes and brazzers BabyTV BabyTV BBC 6 Music BBC 6 Music BBC ALBA HD BBC ALBA HD BBC Asian BBC Asian BBC Four HD BBC Four HD BBC NEWS HD BBC NEWS HD BBC One CI HD BBC One CI HD BBC One E Mid HD BBC One E Mid HD BBC One EastHD BBC One EastHD BBC One Lon HD BBC One Lon HD BBC One N West HD BBC One N West HD BBC One NE and C HD BBC One NE&C HD BBC One NI HD BBC One NI HD BBC One S East HD BBC One S East HD BBC One S West HD BBC One S West HD BBC One ScotHD BBC One ScotHD BBC One Sth HD BBC One Sth HD BBC One Wal HD BBC One Wal HD BBC One West HD BBC One West HD BBC One WM HD BBC One WM HD BBC One Y and L HD BBC One Y&L HD BBC One Yorks HD BBC One Yorks HD BBC Parliament HD BBC Parliament HD BBC R Cymru BBC R Cymru BBC R Cymru 2 BBC R Cymru 2 BBC R Foyle BBC R Foyle BBC R n Gael BBC R n Gael BBC R Scot. BBC R Scot. BBC R Ulster BBC R Ulster BBC R Wales BBC R Wales BBC R1 BBC R1 BBC R1X BBC R1X BBC R2 BBC R2 BBC R3 BBC R3 BBC R4 Ex BBC R4 Ex BBC R4 FM BBC R4 FM BBC R4 LW BBC R4 LW BBC R5L BBC R5L BBC R5SX BBC R5SX BBC RB 1 BBC RB 1 HD BBC RB 1 HD BBC RLondon BBC RLondon BBC Three HD BBC Three HD BBC Two HD BBC Two HD BBC Two NI HD BBC Two NI HD BBC Two Wal HD BBC Two Wal HD BBC WS BBC WS BBCScotlandHD BBCScotlandHD Best Direct Best Direct BFBS Radio BFBS Radio BLAZE BLAZE Bloomberg HD Bloomberg HD Boomerang Boomerang HD Boomerang HD Boomerang+1 Boomerang+1 Box Hits Brit Asia TV Brit Asia TV British Muslim British Muslim Browse Shop BT Sport 1 BT Sport 1 HD BT Sport 2 BT Sport 2 HD BT Sport 3 BT Sport 3 HD BT Sport 4 BT Sport 4 HD Capital Capital Capital XTRA Capital XTRA Cartoon Net HD Cartoon Net HD Cartoon Netwrk Cartoon Netwrk Cartoonito Cartoonito CBBC HD CBBC HD CBeebies HD CBeebies HD CBS Justice CBS Reality CBS Reality+1 Challenge Challenge Channel 4 Channel 4 Channel 4 HD Channel 4 HD Channel 4+1 Channel 4+1 Channel 44 Channel 5 Channel 5 Channel 5 HD Channel 5 HD Channel 5+1 Channel 5+1 Channel 7 Channels 24 Channels 24 Chl Line-up CHSTV CHSTV CITV Classic FM Classic FM Classic Rock Clubland TV Clubland TV CN+1 CN+1 CNBC CNBC HD CNBC HD CNN CNN HD CNN HD COLORS COLORS HD COLORS HD ColorsCineplex ColorsCineplex ColorsGujarati ColorsGujarati ColorsRishtey ColorsRishtey ComedyCent+1 ComedyCent+1 ComedyCentHD ComedyCentHD ComedyCentral ComedyCentral ComedyXtra ComedyXtra Court TV Court TV Craft Extra Craft Extra Create and CraftHD Create&CraftHD Crime+Inv Crime+Inv HD Crime+Inv HD Crime+Inv+1 Crime+Inv+1 Cruise1st.tv Cruise1st.tv Dave Dave HD Dave HD Dave ja vu Dave ja vu DAYSTAR HD DAYSTAR HD DAZN 1 HD DAZN 1 HD DAZN PPV HD Deen TV Deen TV Direct Store TV Disc.History Disc.History Disc.History+1 Disc.History+1 Disc.Sci+1 Disc.Sci+1 Disc.Science Disc.Science Disc.Turbo Disc.Turbo Disc.Turbo+1 Disc.Turbo+1 Discovery Discovery HD Discovery HD Discovery+1 Discovery+1 DMAX DMAX DMAX+1 DMAX+1 Drama Drama Drama +1 Drama+1 Drama+1 Dunamis TV Dunamis TV Dunya News Dunya News E4 E4 Extra E4 Extra E4 HD E4 HD E4+1 E4+1 EarthxTV HD EarthxTV HD EasterEpicsHD Eden Eden Eden+1 Eden+1 Eman Channel Eman Channel Euronews Euronews Eurosport 1 Eurosport 1 HD Eurosport 1 HD Eurosport 2 Eurosport 2 HD Eurosport 2 HD Eurosport 3 HD Eurosport 4 HD Eurosport 5 HD EWTN Catholic EWTN Catholic EWTN Catholic Faith UK Faith UK Faith World TV Faith World TV Film4 Film4 HD Film4 HD Film4+1 Film4+1 Food Network Food Network Food Netwrk+1 Food Netwrk+1 Foodxp Foodxp Forces TV FRANCE 24 HD FRANCE 24 HD FreeSports HD G! romance+1 G! romance+1 GB News HD GB News HD Gemporia Craft Gems TV Gems TV GEO News GEO News GEO TV GEO TV Get Lucky TV GINXeSportsTV GOD Channel GOD Channel Gold GOLD Gold GOLD HD GOLD HD GOLD+1 GOLD+1 Good News TV GREAT! action GREAT! action GREAT! movies GREAT! movies GREAT! movies+1 GREAT! movies+1 GREAT! romance GREAT! romance GREAT! tv GREAT! tv GREAT! tv+1 GREAT! tv+1 GREAT!action+1 GREAT!action+1 Greatest Hits Heart Heart Heart 80s Heart 80s Heart 90s Heart 90s Heart Dance Heart Dance HGTV HGTV HGTV+1 HGTV+1 Hidayat TV High Street TV 1 High Street TV 1 High Street TV 2 High Street TV 2 High Street TV 3 High Street TV 3 High Street TV 4 High Street TV 4 Hits Radio HobbyMaker HobbyMakerHD HorrorXtra HorrorXtra+1 HUM EUROPE HUM EUROPE HUM Masala HUM Masala ID ID ID+1 ID+1 Ideal Extra Ideal World HD Inspiration TV Inspiration TV iON TV iON TV IQRA BANGLA IQRA Bangla IQRA TV IQRA TV Iran Intl HD Islam Bangla Islam Ch Urdu Islam Ch Urdu Islam Channel Islam Channel Islam TV Islam TV ITV Be HD ITV1 ITV1 HD ITV1 HD ITV1+1 ITV1+1 ITV2 ITV2 HD ITV2 HD ITV2+1 ITV2+1 ITV3 HD ITV3 HD ITV3+1 ITV3+1 ITV4 HD ITV4 HD ITV4+1 ITV4+1 ITVBe Jazz FM JewelleryMaker JewelleryMaker JML Direct JML Direct Kanshi TV Kanshi TV Kerrang! Kerrang! Khushkhabri Khushkhabri KICC TV KICC TV Kiss KISS Kiss TV KTV LaLigaTV HD LBC LBC LBC News LBC News Legend Legend Legend Xtra Legend Xtra+1 LFCTV HD LFCTV HD Lifetime HD Live 360 London Live London Live LoveWorld HD LoveWorld HD Madani Chnl Madani Chnl Magic Magic MATV National MATV National More4 More4 HD More4 HD More4+1 More4+1 Movies24 Movies24 Movies24+ Movies24+ mta-muslim tv MTA1 World HD MTV MTV 80s MTV 80s MTV 90s MTV 90s MTV BASE MTV Classic MTV HD MTV HD MTV HITS MTV HITS MTV Live HD MTV MUSIC MTV MUSIC MUTV MUTV HD MUTV HD Nat Geo Nat Geo HD Nat Geo HD Nat Geo Wild Nat Geo Wild Nat Geo+1 Nat Geo+1 NatGeoWild HD NatGeoWild HD NBCNewsNowHD NDTV 24x7 NDTV 24x7 NEO News New Media HD New Media HD New Vision TV New Vision TV NHK World HD NHK World HD Nick Jr+1 Nick Jr+1 Nick Jr. Nick Jr. HD Nick Jr. HD Nick Jr. Too Nick Jr. Too Nickelodeon Nickelodeon+1 Nickelodeon+1 NickelodeonHD NickelodeonHD NickSpongeBob Nicktoons Noor TV Noor TV NOW 70s NOW 70s NOW 80s NOW 80s NOW 90s Now Rock NOW ROCK NTD NTD NTV NTV Panjab Radio Panjab Radio PBC PBS America PBS America PCNE Chinese PCNE Chinese HD PCNE Chinese HD Pitaara Pitaara Planet Rock POLITICSPUNJAB PoliticsPunjab POP POP POP Max POP Max POP Max+1 POP Max+1 POP+1 POP+1 Premier Sports 1 HD Premier Sports 2 HD PTC PUNJABI PTC PUNJABI PTV Global PTV Global QTV Religious QUEST QUEST QUEST HD QUEST HD Quest Red Quest Red Quest Red+1 Quest Red+1 QUEST+1 QUEST+1 QVC Beauty QVC Beauty QVC Extra QVC Extra QVC HD QVC HD QVC Style HD QVC Style HD Racing TV Racing TV Racing TV HD Racing TV HD Radio X Radio X RealityXtra Really Really revelation revelation ROK RTÉ 2FM RTÉ 2FM RTÉ Lyric fm RTÉ Lyric fm RTÉ R na G RTÉ R na G RTÉ Radio 1 RTÉ Radio 1 S4C S4C S4C HD S4C HD Sangat Sangat Sanskar Sanskar Sikh Channel Sikh Channel Siraj TV Sky Sky Action Sky Action Sky Action HD Sky Action HD Sky Adventure Sky Arts Sky Arts HD Sky Arts HD Sky Atlantic Sky Atlantic HD Sky Atlantic HD Sky Atlantic+1 Sky Atlantic+1 Sky Cinema Hits HD Sky Cinema Select Sky Comedy Sky Comedy Cinema Sky Comedy HD Sky Comedy HD Sky Comedy HD Sky Crime Sky Crime HD Sky Crime HD Sky Crime+1 Sky Crime+1 Sky Documentaries HD Sky Drama HD Sky Drama HD Sky Family Sky Family HD Sky Family HD Sky Greats Sky Greats Sky Greats HD Sky Greats HD Sky History Sky History+1 Sky History+1 Sky History2 Sky History2 Sky HistoryHD Sky HistoryHD Sky Hits HD Sky Intro Sky Intro Sky Intro Sky Kids HD Sky Kids HD Sky Max Sky Max HD Sky Max HD Sky Mix HD Sky Mix HD Sky Nature Sky Nature HD Sky Nature HD Sky News Sky News HD Sky News HD Sky Premiere Sky Premiere Sky Replay Sky Replay Sky ScFi/HorHD Sky ScFi/HorHD Sky Sci-Fi Sky Sci-Fi HD Sky Sci-Fi HD Sky Showcase Sky Showcase Sky Sports Football HD Sky Sports NFL Sky Thriller HD Sky Thriller HD Sky Valentine Sky Witness Sky Witness HD Sky Witness HD Sky Witness+1 Sky Witness+1 SkyAdventureHD SkyAnimationHD SkyAnimationHD SkyDocmntrsHD SkyDocumntrs SkyHistory2HD SkyHistory2HD SkyMegaHitsHD SkyNewsArabia SkyNewsArabia SkyPremiere+1 SkyPremiere+1 SkyPremiereHD SkyPremiereHD SkyShowcase+1 SkyShowcase+1 SkyShowcaseHD SkyShowcaseHD SkySp Action SkySp Action SkySp ActionHD SkySp ActionHD SkySp Arena SkySp Arena SkySp ArenaHD SkySp ArenaHD SkySp Cricket SkySp Cricket SkySp F'ball SkySp F'ball HD SkySp F1 SkySp F1 SkySp F1 HD SkySp F1 HD SkySp Fball SkySp Fball HD SkySp Golf SkySp Golf SkySp Golf HD SkySp Golf HD SkySp Mix SkySp Mix HD SkySp Mix HD SkySp News SkySp News HD SkySp News HD SkySp PL SkySp PL SkySp PL HD SkySp PL HD SkySp Racing SkySp Racing SkySp Racing HD SkySp Racing HD SkySp Tennis HD SkySp Tennis HD SkySpBoxOff SkySpBoxOff SkySpBoxOffHD SkySpCricket HD SkySpCricket HD SkySpMainEv SkySpMainEv SkySpMainEvHD SkySpMainEvHD SkyValentineHD Smooth Smooth SonLife SonLife SONY MAX SONY MAX 2 SONY MAX 2 SONY MAX HD SONY MAX HD SONY SAB SONY SAB SONY TV SONY TV HD SONY TV HD Spider-Man HD Spider-Man HD SportyStuff HD SportyStuff HD Spotlight TV Studio 66 3 STV Central STV Central+1 STV North STV North+1 Sukh Sagar Sukh Sagar SYFY HD SYFY+1 Takbeer TV Takbeer TV TalkingPictures TalkingPictures talkSPORT talkSPORT TalkTV HD TalkTV HD TBN UK TBN UK TCM Movies TCM Movies+1 Television X TG4 HD That's 60s That's 70s That's 80s That's 90s That's TV Thats 60s Thats 80s Thats 90s Thats Christmas Thats TV The Box The Box The Craft Store Tiny Pop Tiny Pop Tiny Pop+1 Tiny Pop+1 TJC TJC TJC Beauty TJC Beauty TJC HD TJC HD TLC TLC HD TLC HD TLC+1 TLC+1 TNT Sport BoxOffice HD TNT Sport Ultimate TNT Sports 1 TNT Sports 10 HD TNT Sports 2 TNT Sports 3 TNT Sports 4 TNT Sports 5 HD TNT Sports 6 HD TNT Sports 7 HD TNT Sports 8 HD TNT Sports 9 HD TNTSBoxOff2HD TNTSBoxOff2HD TNTSBoxOffHD TNTSports1 HD TNTSports2 HD TNTSports3 HD TNTSports4 HD Together Together Trace Hits Trace Vault Travelxp Travelxp TRT World TRT World TRT World HD TRT World HD True Crime True Crime +1 True Crime Xtra TV One TV One TV Warehouse TV Warehouse TVC News TVC News TVX 40+ TWR TWR Utsav Bharat Utsav Bharat Utsav GOLD Utsav Gold Utsav Gold HD Utsav Gold HD Utsav Plus Utsav Plus HD Utsav Plus HD UTV Venus TV Viaplay 1 HD Viaplay 1 HD Viaplay 2 HD Viaplay 2 HD ViaplayXtraHD Virgin Radio Virgin Radio Vox Africa W W HD W HD W+1 W+1 WION HD WION HD Word Network Word Network WRN Europe WRN Europe Xpanded TV XXX College XXX Girl Girl XXX Mums XXXpublicpikups YESTERDAY YESTERDAY Yesterday Freeview +1 YESTERDAY HD YESTERDAY+1 YESTERDAY+1 Zee Cinema Zee Cinema Zee TV Zee TV HD Zee TV HD